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Group photo from Subud in Jakarta, Indonesia, likely 1970s
Group photo from Subud in Jakarta, Indonesia, likely 1970s

By Alan Jones | March 13, 2015

(1776 Channel) Two rare photos uncovered by 1776 Channel may reveal new details about the early years of President Obama’s life.

A photograph which appears to show President Obama’s alleged mother Stanley and Dunham and her second husband Lolo Soetoro was likely taken early in their relationship. The very young couple were likely photographed in either Hawaii or Indonesia.

Photo appearing to show a very young Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro
Photo appearing to show a very young Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro

A group photograph taken inside the Jakarta, Indonesia headquarters of spiritual group Subud shows unnamed individuals during a musicial performance. The photograph appears to have been taken during the early 1970s.

Subud Jakarta, circa early 1970s
Subud Jakarta, circa early 1970s

A woman standing in the back row bears a striking resemblance to Stanley Ann Dunham. The woman is the fourth person from the left edge of Subud’s circular symbol.

Close up: Subud Jakarta group photo, circa early 1970s
Close up: Subud Jakarta group photo, circa early 1970s

Two unidentified boys can be seen playing guitar to the left and right of the leader of the group. It is unclear who they are.

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  1. nobody has a more fake past and why is he hiding everything? whats he got to hide? everyone knows everything there is to know about the Bush family but nobody is allowed to know anything about Obama. who the hell are you kidding Grasping at straws? pick one there is nothing at the end of everyone you pull but more lies.

      • OK lets use that. For 16 years Obama told us he he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii Via his Own bio. Then he told us on 2 separate occasions his parents met on the bridge during the Selma, Alabama civil rights march which occurred in 1965.

        • The owner of the literary agency, Jay Acton, said almost none of the authors wrote their own bios. The editor of the bio says she made a mistake and nothing that President Obama provided ever said he was born in Kenya.

          If you listen to his two Selma speeches he is not saying that his parents met in Selma. But that it was because of the courage like the Pullman porters who went on strike in the 1930s and the ladies who started the Montgomery bus strike in the 1950s and the people who marched across the bridge in Selma in 1965, created the atmosphere were a black man and white woman could get together and have a child. It was not a literal statement.

          If you actually read articles written about him between 1990 and 2000 (there are about a dozen), they all say he was born in Hawaii.

          • You are repeating lies. Obama wrote his own bio. That’s what authors do. They also update their bios. Obama updated his on his literary agents website 4 or 5 times over a 16 year period. He never “corrected” the “born in Kenya”. He did not change that until two months after he said he was going to run for president. Someone alerted Obama, the constitutional scholar, about what the constitution actually says about who can run for president. And Obamas parents could not have been influenced in any way to be brave enough to engage in an interracial relationship in 1960 by a civil rights march held in 1965.

            • That is not what Jay Acton the owner of Acton &Dystel said. That is not what Miram Goderich the editor for Acton & Dystel said.

              What was updated was not the bio but the client list that was based on the original bio. The clients did not review the client list.

              If it was your job to update the client list would write new bios every time or just add to the exist info? The authors would not review the client list bios.

              His parents also didn’t meet during the 1930s Pullman porter strike or the 1950s Montgomery bus strike but he uses those examples also. The fact that you don’t understand the connections he is drawing is not his fault.

              • Deflect. You address nothing. You have an agenda other than the facts. I will repeat the facts so others will not be mislead. I know they will have no effect on you.

                1. Obama’s lie about the selma march, that the march helped create an atmosphere where a black man and a white woman could get together, could not have helped create anything for obama’s parents because it happened 5 years after his parents purportedly got together.

                2. Obama wrote his own bio. he updated his bio over the course of 16 years 4 or 5 times. He added that he also raised in Chicago (a lie), he added that he was a senator now, he added that he wrote a book, he added that he was the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention, and each time he added to his bio he left in the “born in Kenya”. Maybe that is a lie. Maybe not.

                An editor for such a well known literary agent does not make a mistake about the birthplace of one of their featured authors. Same said editor would not update details in the bio over 16 years and not see the error. The author represented in same said bio would not make updates to their bio over 16 years and not see the birthplace error and then fail to inform the editor of the error or correct the “error” himself. Obama wrote his own bio and updated it himself and made sure that it said he was born in Kenya.

                • The editor said she wrote the bio. The owner said the authors didn’t write their own bios. Why do you ignore these facts? What is your agenda?

                  Provide proof that President Obama wrote the bio. Proof not speculation based on your agenda.

                  Provide proof that he reviewed the client list. Proof not speculation based on your agenda.

                    • Again, the owner of Acton & Dystel and the editor for Acton & Dystel both say that the authors did not write there own bios.

                      The article you link doesn’t mention Acton & Dystel’s policy. Post a link to that. What do all the other authors in the publicity brochure say? Did they write thrie own bios? Provide a link to their responses.

                      Here is author Timothy Beal’s experience with a publicist who wrote his bio for him.

                      “A few years ago, I had the pleasure of doing an interview with National Public Radio’s Michele Norris about my book Roadside Religion (Beacon Press, 2005). That book tells the story of my family’s “blue highways” exploration of roadside religious attractions, from the World’s Largest Ten Commandments and Holy Land U.S.A. to Precious Moments Chap­el and Golgotha Fun Park. Norris knew that I had grown up in a conservative Christian environment, and wondered what kinds of thoughts and feelings those places evoked for me. Her final question was meant to bring our conversation around to this topic.”

                      “As an avowed atheist … ,” Norris began.

                      “Um, wait. I’m sorry. I’m not an atheist. I’m actually Christian.”

                      “Really!? Your publicity kit says you’re an atheist at least twice.”

                      “Later, I asked my publicist why the kit described me as an atheist. She said that she got it from the book’s introduction, in which I wrote that there were days when I could “atheist anyone under the table.” That’s true. But to say that is not to say that I am an atheist. In fact, what I’d written was, “Although I can atheist anyone under the table on some days, I remain a Christian, and I remain committed to the church.”

                      “The interview cleaned up nicely, and the confusion was worth a good laugh.”

                    • > IOWs Authors always write their own bios for non-fiction book proposals…

                      Quote the line you are referring to.
                      An author giving other authors hints on how to write their own bio does not mean, let alone prove conclusively, that “all” authors “always” write their own bios.
                      Just like an article where a man tells you how to select the best beer does not prove all men drink beer.
                      You’re grasping at straws.

                  • No need to provide proof that Obama reviewed the client list because that is merely a silly deflection…..

                    See below ….

                    Authors write and edit their own bios and his agent to this day still requires it of every author wanting to submit a book proposal to get their book published.

              • C hughes…

                She lied.



                Submission guidelines at the Dystel & Goderich website (original emphasis): “[Y]ou should describe in two or three sentences—no more—what the book will be about. This is followed by another brief paragraph on why it is being written and then another on why you are qualified to write it….Finally, there should be a more formal narrative Bio of the author.”

          • Authors write and confirm their own bio’s …Obama let that bio sit for 16 years…

            What other president has a fraudulent birth certificate…has sealed his medical records…sealed all of his academic records…sealed his scholarship and tuition records…lies about being a Constitutional. PPROFESSOR…when Obama was a Jr. lecturer…Obama is built of lies…and LIES INCESSANTLY

            • How many books have you written for Acton & Dystel?

              Reagans birth certificate is clearly a forgery. He was supposedly born in 1911 but the attending physician and the state registrar did not sign it until 1942. Thirty one years later.

              All of Reagan’s college records are sealed as are his medical records.

              The University of Chicago disagrees with you concern President Obama’s job title.

    • Wingnuts (only) see what they want to see.
      A couple of blurred pixels are a “striking resemblance” to Stanley Ann, but a hi-res photo of someone “isn’t real” because the guy sees funny pixels when he zooms in.

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