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Eleanor Nordyke: The demographer who claimed to recall the moment a President was born

Nordyke studied at the University of California Berkeley before receiving a master of public health degree in population and family planning from the University of Hawaii.

Nordyke embarked on her career as a Hawaii population specialist and research fellow with the East-West Center Population Institute in 1969 according to an official biography, although the East-West Population Center was not inaugurated until 1970.

The Honolulu Advertiser in 2009 published photostatic images of the Nordyke twins’ alleged Hawaii “Certificates of Live Birth.”

The Honolulu Advertiser published this image and accompanying caption, which depict two alleged Hawaii "Certificates of Live Birth" for Eleanor Nordyke's twin daughters.
In 2009 the Honolulu Advertiser published this image and accompanying caption, which depict two alleged Hawaii “Certificates of Live Birth” for Eleanor Nordyke’s twin daughters.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President,” published an article at WND highlighting a numerical discrepancy visible in the images of the Nordyke “Certificates of Live Birth” which were published by the Honolulu Advertiser.

“A close examination of the birth certificates issued by Kapi’olani to the Nordyke twins shows the registration number precedes the number given Obama, even though the future president was born a day earlier” Dr. Corsi noted.

Nordyke and Robert W. Gardner coauthored a demographics paper at the East-West Population Institute in 1974.

Eleanor Nordyke's book "The Peopling of Hawaii" was published for the East-West Population Institute by the University of Hawaii Press. (Image credit:
Eleanor Nordyke’s book “The Peopling of Hawaii” was published for the East-West Population Institute by the University of Hawaii Press. (Image credit:

Nordyke wrote a controversial book, “The Peopling of Hawaii“, published for the East-West Center in 1977. She railed against the effects that tourism and overpopulation were having on Hawaii’s environment. The University of Hawai’i Press released a second edition in 1989.

Hawaii State Registrar Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D (Image credit: Hawaii Department of Vital Statistics)
Hawaii State Registrar Alvin T. Onaka Ph.D (Image credit: Hawaii Department of Vital Statistics)

Nordyke also founded Planned Parenthood of Hawaii in the 1970s. This biographic detail aligns Nordyke’s value system with eugenics research, the unofficial mission of the East-West Population Institute.

Bill Gates once told Bill Moyers “My dad was head of Planned Parenthood.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, through the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, awarded the East-West Center with $423,975 in 2013 to carry out demographic studies in Africa.

East-West Center possibly linked to CIA

Not only is Nordyke connected to Dr. Onaka, but Dr. Onaka’s former career with the US State Department/USAID which entailed foreign travel assignments, extensive contact with foreign government officials, meetings with representatives of supranational organizations such as the UN and WHO, and management of census projects operating amid the countryside and villages of multiple foreign nations, fits the profile of an individual who conceivably could have been a CIA officer operating under official cover.

According to Frank Scotton, an alumnus of American University’s College of International Relations and a former recipient of an East-West Center University of Hawaii graduate assistantship, the East-West Center was sponsored by the CIA.

“It was a cover for a training program in which Southeast Asians were brought to Hawaii and trained to go back to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos to create agent nets.” Scotton is quoted as saying in the book “The Phoenix Progam”, by Douglas Valentine.

Scotton became a United States Information Service (USIS) officer and became deeply involved in the CIA’s Phoenix Program, a counter-insurgency program during the Vietnam War. According the book’s appendix, USAID personnel advised Vietnam National Police on behalf of the State Department.

Former US Navy Lieutenant and NSA contractor Wayne Madsen has written extensively about Ann Dunham Soetoro, who worked in remote villages in Indonesia, theorizing that she used a number of CIA non-officials and official covers, including positions at USAID, a posting as a Ford Foundation officer, and her fellowship at the East-West Center. This theory remains difficult to prove without access to classified CIA personnel records which routinely remain top secret even after death to protect the larger network of officers and assets.

“The time period that President Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro/Sutoro, worked for various Indonesian and Pakistani operations associated with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was during a time frame when USAID was composed almost entirely of CIA official and non-official cover agents who worked throughout Indonesia and Southeast and South Asia.”

The East-West Center maintains close ties to the intelligence community. It was reported in the Molokai Advertiser-News on February 27, 2010 that faculty members of the East-West Center co-hosted a two-day symposium on national security billed as a “discussion on the role of language and contemporary issues in Asia and in U.S. security issues with networking sessions for students to interact with Intelligence Community personnel and meet with potential employers.”

Dr. Onaka’s connection to the woman who claimed to have remembered President Obama’s birth is a statistical near-impossibility which points to a cover-up at the Hawaii Department of Health. Dr. Onaka’s connection to fellow-researcher Nordyke combined with a professional profile that suggests that he may have worked for the CIA opens a window of plausibility that a coup d’etat overthrow of the Office of the President has been conducted by, or at a minimum protected by, individuals connected to the CIA.

Although there is no definitive evidence that Dr. Onaka worked for the CIA or that POPLAB was a CIA operation, it is noted that the CIA actively hires demographers as political analysts, and that the CIA has used national census operations in Southeast Asia to collect counterinsurgency intelligence.

During the Vietnam War, the CIA’s Phoenix Project was involved in “census grievance” operations, during which intelligence was collected. The census grievance operation “consisted of a formal census of the heads of households about local social, economic, and security conditions” according to “The Other Warrior: Interviews with Andre Sauvageot,” a faculty development grant final report by Jeff Wood, Associate Professor of History at Arkansas Tech University.

Sam Suharto, who the CIA helped install in power in Indonesia, visited POPLAB, as did officials from Indonesia’s Central Bureau of Statistics.

Wayne Madsen believes that Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro provided CIA assistance to the Suharto regime.

The move by Ann Dunham, Lolo Soetoro and young Barack Obama to Indonesia came shortly after the Indonesian killings of 1965-66, an anti-communist purge that left over half a million people dead, following a failed military coup on October 1, 1965, the downfall of President Sukarno and the installation of his replacement President Suharto, one of Sukarno’s generals.

It remains unclear if USAID provided cover for CIA activities in Indonesia.

Honolulu, December 1980: Alvin Onaka (Center) and Richard K. C. Lee (R) at the East-West Center Population Institute's Population Policy Conference (Image credit: East-West Population Institute)
Honolulu, December 1980: Alvin Onaka (Center) and Richard K. C. Lee (R) at the East-West Center Population Institute’s Population Policy Conference (Image credit: East-West Population Institute)


East-West Populations Institute: Summary Report of the Seventh Summer Seminar In Population 14 June – 16 July 1976

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Dr. Alvin Onaka’s involvement with USAID Kenya project: Evaluation of DUALabs Project – African Data for Decision Making March 17-19, 1975

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Eleanor Nordyke (L), who claimed she was pregnant with twins in a Honolulu maternity ward on the evening of August 4, 1961 and consequently remembered Barack Obama being born, spent 25 years working at the U.S. government's “East-West Population Institute”, a eugenics think tank that has been affiliated with former USAID official Dr. Alvin T. Onaka (Center) since the 1970s. Onaka is the Hawaii Registrar of Vital Statistics whose signature is stamped on the White House copy of President Obama’s “Certificate of Live Birth”. Both Onaka and President Obama's alleged mother Stanley Ann Dunham (R) worked for USAID in Indonesia and both are connected to the Ford Foundation. Nordyke, Onaka, Stanley Ann Dunham, her father Stanley Dunham, Barack Obama Sr., President Obama, Dunham's second husband Lolo Soetoro, and President Obama's half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng all have deep roots at the East-West Center.
Eleanor Nordyke (L), who claimed she that was pregnant with twins in a Honolulu maternity ward on the evening of August 4, 1961 and consequently remembered Barack Obama being born, spent 25 years working at the U.S. government’s “East-West Population Institute,” a eugenics think tank that has been affiliated with former USAID official Dr. Alvin T. Onaka (Center) since the 1970s. Dr. Onaka is the Hawaii registrar of vital statistics whose signature stamp appears on a PDF image of President Obama’s alleged Hawaii “Certificate of Live Birth” (bottom L). Both Dr. Onaka and President Obama’s alleged mother Stanley Ann Dunham (R) worked on USAID projects administered in Indonesia. Dunham did contract work for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia and Dr. Onaka managed the USAID POPLAB project which was funded by the Ford Foundation. Nordyke, Dr. Onaka, Stanley Ann Dunham, her father Stanley Dunham, Barack Obama Sr., President Obama, Dunham’s second husband Lolo Soetoro, and President Obama’s half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng all have deep roots at the East-West Center. (Image credits: East-West Population Institute, Honolulu Advertiser/WND (Nordyke), Nathalie Walker/Midweek (Onaka))
The individuals and organizations surrounding President Obama's alleged Hawaii "Certificate of Live Birth"
The individuals and organizations surrounding President Obama’s alleged Hawaii “Certificate of Live Birth”

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  1. You can add another dot to your theory. Miki Booth has admitted on her FaceBook page that her husband was delivered in 1949 by the same doctor who delivered the Nordyke twins and we already knew that President Obama was delivered by the same doctor who delivered Miki Booth’s son, Alan.

    That’s too many coincidences.

    • Barack Obama” sprung from a family-run political activist network which, since the 1960s, has been diligently “organizing” to achieve their socialist vision of America. A network spearheaded by “Uncle Fred” Newman, the primary purpose of which was to “organize” the overthrow of America’s socio-politico-economic system – that is, to shift the American model from one of democracy and capitalism to marxist socialism.
      Fred, the older brother of Bari’s Teenage Mother, Joanne, was born 6-17-1935 to Jewish parents and raised in working-class Bronx County, New York City, not far from Yankee Stadium, graduating from Stuyvesant High School in 1952.
      “Uncle Fred”’s essay “The Women I Live With” [published in Practice, Winter 1990]:
      “I am an American Marxist Leninist revolutionary living at a time when orthodox communism throughout the world has died. And if that weren’t enough I am a controversial revolutionary. I’ve never been part of the official US left family. I don’t like the institution of the family in any of its forms. People I’ve never met and who know nothing of me often say terribly nasty things about me. Oh well, as my mother (as anti-Family a mom as ever was) used to say, ‘if you can’t stand the goddamn heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.'”
      Quotes from 1992 New Alliance Party Convention by Dr. Fred Newman
      How the radical left managed to infiltrate and seize power from the Democratic Party is credited to “Uncle Fred” Newman.
      In November 1995, the Anti-Defamation League exposed “Uncle Fred’s” political operating genius in ”A Cult By Any Other Name: The New Alliance Party Dismantled And Reincarnated”.
      “Uncle Fred’s” International Workers Party – a Marxist-Leninist [i.e. Communist] Party intending to evoke worldwide socialist revolution – is the foundation upon which all Fred’s political activity was built.
      “Uncle Fred” Newman’s Marxist-Leninist International Workers Party is the COMMUNIST PARTY USA of what he cleverly presented as a democratic New Alliance Party.
      Fred boasted that it was his Independence Party support of Bloomberg that threw him the election; in return, Fred’s numerous enterprises have received great financial and other support from The City Of New York.
      …via “Barack Obama” Fred Newman managed to pull off the greatest coup in American Political History – commandeering the Democratic Party, without Party Operatives even noticing he was doing it.
      “Obama’s” first nominee for United States Supreme Court Justice – Sonia Sotomayor – for several years before her appointment, worked for Fred Newman causes as did AL SHARPTON*.
      Not only did Fred devote his life’s work to assisting and defending African Americans; his core political m. o. integrated that of Malcolm X: “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”
      So taken with Malcolm X was he, Fred wrote a play about Malcolm X: “Billie And Malcolm [A Demonstration]”
      Fred Newman’s effective recruitment techniques, his glaringly evident hatred of those with money and position, and his manipulation of the emotions of the ‘underclass’ to evoke in them rage and retaliation against the United States Government have all come to the forefront of American political power in the genius creation of “Barack Obama II”.
      Bari Malik Shabazz– with great, effective stealth – morphed a country that is ontologically, happily theocentric, to one imposed with radical secular humanism..His goal in memory of his Jewish born Uncle: To stomp out Our Founding Father’s Judaeo-Christian Vision Of America, and in its place raise up “Uncle Fred’s” Atheistic Vision of ‘Socially Just’ – i.e. Socialist – America.
      “BARI may be a muslim convert now, but he was born a self-hating JEW.”
      Now wouldn’t that be an historic statement in the well of Congress by BIBI NETANYAHU next week?
      —* NOW, you can connect the dots Asto the SHARPTON IRS/criminal immunity. Sharpton knows the backstory. Sotomeyor likely knows also.
      “What gives Sharpton any standing at all to speak about black issues? The answer, as we’ve said before: his enablers.”

  2. Okay… I’ve read all three articles.

    Where exactly do you provide any evidence that the “East-West Population Institute,” is a “Eugenics think tank” or that either Onaka or Nordyke have any interest whatsoever in eugenics?

    I must have missed it.

    • Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, and has a eugenicists’ mission to wipe out the “Negro” through abortions. Nordyke was affiliated with Planned Parenthood. When one is an Obot and a Dud the words “HistorianDude: is an oxymoron.

      • Nordyke was not Sanger. Planned Parenthood has and has never had any such “mission.” Onaka has apparently nothing to do with Planned Parenthood. And your response says exactly nothing about the East-West Population Institute. Perhaps you can try again:

        Where exactly do you provide any evidence that the “East-West Population
        Institute,” is a “Eugenics think tank” or that either Onaka or Nordyke
        have any interest whatsoever in eugenics?

        You do know that when you try to connect dots, you actually need a reason to connect them. Right?

          • There is no such person as LTC Lakin. I know of a “Mr.” Lakin. And I know of a “Dr.” Lakin (even if he is, pathetically, an osteopath and not an MD). But there is no “LTC” Lakin.

            I haven’t spoken with Karl since two reunions ago. He didn’t come to the 35th.

            That settled… let’s lovingly consider what a despicable hypocrite you (and all birthers) are. During Mr. Lakin’s trial every birther blog on the planet was trying to get their brainless birther minions to write letters to General Horst in the effort to influence the trial. It was hilarious to watch how suddenly your undies were in a bunch when you realized that not only birthers could play that game, but so could Obots. And when one of the Obots actually personally knew the guy… my, my, my how you birther agitators suddenly changed your tune. That was my favorite part of the whole dust-up; showing to the world the birther movement’s complete lack of integrity. Thanks for being such a willing participant in the demonstration.

            No Tracy… I never spoke with Karl about MR. Lakin. I didn’t need to. I know that Karl is a fine officer, and there was never a question in my mind that he would do his duty, follow his oath, and let MR. Lakin swing on the rope of his own making.

            MR. Lakin got off easy. Blue Falcons like him, disloyal and disobedient officers who not only betray their oath but abandon soldiers under fire that depend on their medical care… no Tracy. He deserved years in prison, not just months.

            But thanks for asking.

            • So like Obama you prefer buddy f***ers like Bergdahl over a highly respected Lakin with 18 years of service, 6 tours, a bronze star medal, and Army Flight Surgeon of the Year for 2004?

              Sounds more like you, Lind, Karl are the Blue Falcons that turned your backs.

              A COLB with no hospital or doctor listed.
              Of course we mustn’t embarrass America’s 2-bit marxist dictator squatting in the White House. Stalin would be proud his show trials made it to America.

              • As red herring go, that one could not be more scarlet and smelly.

                Ignoring that Bergdhal’s probably court martial has yet to occur, nope. They are both scum in my book. But Bergdahl was a junior NCO, and Lakin was a field grade commissioned officer. In the real world we hold people more accountable than dogs; adults more accountable than children; and senior commissioned officers more accountable than junior enlisted men.

              • Ahhhh, Lakin, so sad, so predictable, so gullible.

                Now, Bimbo, if you had actually followed the courtmartial of the BF Lakin you wouldn’t be attempting this silly attempt at support.

                Let’s look at the facts shall we, something I am aware you are wholly averse to.

                Lakin only ever started to question Obama AFTER he was informed he was redeploying to the sandbox for a second time. No questioning before and he was perfectly happy at that time to continue to take the pay and privileges. He then miraculously had ‘questions’ which he was informed and counselled on no less than 4 times had no basis on law or fact.

                He them waited until AFTER he had taken his predeployment leave to inform his CO, a Medal Of Honor holder and real hero that he was refusing to deploy….. to Kansas. His CO (remember, actual hero, Medal of Honor holder) ordered him to his office and informed him in the communication that if he did not do so he would be court martialed. Lakin basically told his CO to f* off.

                At the court martial the officer who had to backfill for Lakin who HAD JUST RETURNED FROM HIS DEPLOYMENT TO AFGHANISTAN AND HAD TO IMMEDIATELY RETURN stated under oath that this action meant he could not integrate with his team and re-up his training in time for a mass casualty event in theatre which had a DIRECT impact on the quality of care the wounded received.
                And this Lakin is someone you think is a patriot….?

            • “consider what a despicable hypocrite you (and all birthers) are”.
              ad hominem much?

              abandon soldiers under fire? how many deployments did he make prior to correctly honoring his Oath by questioning his chain of command’s lack of credentials?

              • Don’t know. Don’t care. How many battles did General Benedict Arnold win for the United States before he became a traitor to the enemy?

                That was a rhetorical question, I don’t care really about that answer either

  3. The minute the fake BC hit the internet and people actually said it was good enough, I knew our nation was dead. Our media are dead. Our elected officials are dead. What a tangled web they weaved. Or is that ‘wove’?

      • History Dud where do you provide any evidence that pResident Obama’s BC is not a fake. There is enough evidence showing it is. Just look at what Arpio did and that just scratches the surface. But of course being a loyal Obot you don’t want to hear that.

        • How, pray tell, can anyone declare a birth certificate fake if they have never seen the birth certificate? I have a news flash for you… a picture of the Eiffel Tower is not the Eiffel Tower. And a picture of a birth certificate is not the birth certificate. Any “investigation” of the PDF was a fool’s errand from its inception, explaining why 212 professional document forensics experts told Mike Zullo to go pound sand.

          What “Arpaio did” was fund raising. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

          The only authority on the planet legally qualified to declare the birth certificate authentic has declared it so on at least five different occasions.

            • Mike Zullo in a presentations before the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association on June 1, 2013 said:

              ““Reed Hayes was… or is a court certified forensic document examiner. He was someone that I truly believe by divine intervention stepped into this. Because we had people trying to find a document examiner to look at this, some 212. And they refused because of the nature of what this was.”

              Here’s the video, you’ll find the statement at about the 1:45 mark


              • Let’s not forget, said Reed Hayes report, supposedly of such import has never seen the light of day.
                Never mind the minor issue that Hayes’s expertise is in graphology, not electronic forensics and he never had any original paper document to review.

            • Just to ensure we are all on the same song sheet. The PDF is an image, it has no probative independent value in law as it is not itself prima facie evidence. The ORIGINAL from which the scan was made is probative and under the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution is prima facie evidence
              HOWEVER, on two separate occasions, two Republican Secretary’s of State, AZ and I believe Kansas, have requested “Verifications in lieu” where a signed and sealed response from the HDoH confirming the accuracy of the specific items requested as well as of ALL the details in the image have been provided.
              On both occasions the SoS then stated they were wholly satisfied

        • No, Tracy. It is an ordinary scan of an ordinary paper original created on a Xerox WorkCentre 7566 all-in-one scanner/copier/fax.

          This has been proved, and this is why Zullo announced in October of 2013 that the online PDF was no longer relevant to his investigation.

          How’s that SCOTUS case coming? Whomp, whomp, whomp.

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