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By Alan Jones and Mary Fanning | May 15, 2015

(1776 Channel) In the wake of 1776 Channel Channel’s publication of closeup images of Barack Obama Sr.’s fingernails featured in what are supposed to be 1970s era family photos snapped at the Honolulu International Airport, readers have expressed a variety of opinions.

Some readers have suggested that the difference in appearance between Obama Sr.’s hand in the photos with Barack Obama II. and Stanley Ann Dunham can be explained by technical issues, such as digital compression following the scanning of the photos, or the reflection of light from a flash bulb.

Other readers and bloggers have reexamined other Obama family photos, and remain convinced that the airport photos are only two of a large collection of digitally doctored images.

If one were to conclude that the airport photos are indeed composites images created to simulate a family reunion, and that the two left hands of Obama Sr. actually belong to two different individuals, then the next question is: Could the hand embracing Barack Obama Jr. belong to someone else?

Some Obama researchers believe that Frank Marshal Davis is Barack Obama’s real father. That theory remains controversial, yet plausible. Video recently emerged of Barack Obama II. speaking about his memoir “Dreams from My Father” at a library in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1995. During that video, Barack Obama identifies his mentor “Frank” from the book as Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was a known communist operative with a lengthy FBI file.


Other Obama researchers have suggested that Mohammad Subuh could be Barack Obama’s father.

1776 Channel has reviewed images of the fingernails of both Subuh and Davis. The images of Davis’s fingernails were similar enough to those seen embracing young Barack Obama that they warrant further scrutiny. The images are provided here for readers to review and come to their own conclusions.

The fingernail images in the Frank Marshall Davis photos may feature signs of clubbed fingers.






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  1. More typical conspiracy theorist material:
    * Double down on the crazy.
    * “A has … and the person in the picture appears to have …, so the person in the picture is A.”

    Those two pixelated images of Obama sr. and Obama give *zero* indication of such details as “clubbed fingernails” BTW. But I guess next you’re gonna tell us you read Arabic inscriptions on the nails that say “Allah is great and Barack will destroy you”. *lol*

  2. I get the impression that Davis’s pinky finger is nearer in length to his ring finger than the fingers in the Obama photo.
    Frankly, if the Obama photo had been faked, the fakery would more likely be a substitution of the boy’s head rather than of the entire adult man down almost to his fingers.

  3. A real investigative journalist would not depend on his own ignorance about a subject but would seek out real forensic image analysts. But since no real investigative journalists are involved with this story that’s not likely to happen. But on the off chance that a real investigative journalist might read this comment here are two recognized imaging experts that an ethical person might contact.

    Professor Hany Farid of Dartmouth College.

    Dr. Neal Krawetz of the Hacker Factor website.

    My guess is no one will contact either of these experts.

    • Don’t you remember that there was ONLY ONE “forensic analyst” who would verify if Obama’s LFBC was fake or real, in the entire U.S.???? Everyone else was TOO AFRAID to do it. Finally, after over a year of trying to find someone, Reed Hays finally agreed to do it, and of course, declared the document the WH put on line at .gov was a “100% FAKE!” It’s not easy finding someone!

      • That’s not true. Ivan Zatkovich, Dr. Krawetz, and Professor de Queiroz all reported on the White House PDF.

        As for Reed Hayes, we have no idea what he wrote in his report as it has never been released.

        How do you know everyone else was too afraid to do it? Name some of the experts who were afraid. Maybe they just thought it was ridiculous.

  4. While looking at these photos I decided to look to examine other photos of Obama see if he has the long shaped fingernail. Obama Sr. and Frank Marshall Davis both have long nails, but I also noticed that Obama Sr.s cigarette is in his left hand in other photos. Even his pipe is in his mouth on the left side. This tells me he must have been left handed. The photo in the airport has the cigarette in the right hand. Maybe something or not.

  5. Wow..just WOW

    Nails look ok as a younger man–seems the clubbed nails as a result of disease, heart or lung disease, and would have started by the airport pic with young Barack Obama and seem to be in those yellow shirted images of FMD..FMD had clubbed nails–so does the hand young Barack is hugging…Wow

    What does it matter if Obama is the son of an enemy of the state?

    • > What does it matter if Obama is the son of an enemy of the state?

      Not at all since that does not disqualify him. And it’s about time we stopped punishing children for the crimes of their fathers (not that there is the slightest bit of evidence FMD is Obama’s father).

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